Specialty Projects

Creative design solutions unique to your business

Our Process

Drill Down

First we do our homework; functional basics, site dynamics, budgets, user groups, impactful codes or regulations. Next we conduct Clients discussions to drill down into the project to understand not only the ‘what’ but the ‘why’ behind the program. Key question: ‘What do you [we] need to accomplish with this project?’

Architect Up

With a project understanding firmly in mind we begin to envision a conceptual response (or two). We develop the initial site-use, spatial relationships, building concepts and component systems. Next: client reviews and inputs. Ideas adopted and rejected. Then more brainpower is applied. The fog of options lifts and final solutions become clear.

Build Forward

Once the design is approved and the documents are completed we move the project forward. Zoning, permitting, conducting bids, reviewing contracts, construction observation. Whatever is needed to get our Clients’ visions into a built reality. Our process that is both intentional and effective.